At-Home Health Testing

imaware™ provides awareness of life-altering diseases to empower patients to engage in personalized healthcare
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Introducing: imaware™ At-Home Health Testing

imaware™ is a convenient and reliable at-home blood testing solution. Easy-to-use collection kits and accurate online results empower you to take control of your health

Empowering Patients with Physician approved reports

imaware™ results reports are approved by physicians and contain all the necessary data for you to work with your doctor to take action.

imaware™ At-Home Health Tests

Celiac Disease Test

Rheumatoid Arthritis Test

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At imaware™, your health is our passion and we are continuously developing new at-home health tests to empower our patients.

Heart Disease Test

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Prostate Cancer Test

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Why imaware™?


Convenient at-home blood testing that is simple and fast.


Accurate lab reports that are validated by medical doctors.


Actionable results reports that enable you to change your life.

World-class medical and scientific team

imaware™ designs and validates each at-home health test alongside world-renowned medical doctors and scientific researchers.

Advanced lab testing

We make convenient disease testing reliable with leading-edge, highly sensitive and specific testing technology to support small-volume, multi-biomarker blood testing.

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At-home testing is ready for prime time

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