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At imaware™, your health is our passion. We want to pave the way to a better quality of life for all our patients.
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Introducing: imaware™ Home-based Health Testing

imaware™ is reshaping the future of healthcare through convenient, reliable, home-based blood testing.

Rethinking your doctor's visit

We believe that your doctor should be your friend. We give you actionable test results that you can easily share with your doctor.

imaware™ Home-based Health Tests

Celiac Disease Test

Rheumatoid Arthritis Test

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Heart Disease Test

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Prostate Cancer Test

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Why imaware™?


Convenient home-based testing that is simple and fast.


Accurate lab reports that are validated by medical doctors.


Actionable results that enable you to change your life.

World-class medical and scientific team

Our medical and scientific teams are driving innovation in home-based disease testing and monitoring.

Advanced lab testing

We utilize leading-edge, highly sensitive and specific testing technology to support small-volume, multi-biomarker blood testing.

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Home-based testing is ready for prime time

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